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Sometimes I get something in my head and it just doesn't go away. For one thing, I keep thinking "Why did Eve bite into that apple?” There were so many other beautiful and wonderful things for her to enjoy. Then God told her not to bite into the apple and she invited her mate not to bite into the apple as well.

 I think of that when there are things I know aren't that bad but nevertheless something God just might not approve of. Forbidden fruit? How are we tempted by things that would change that rotten apple world into a Garden of Eden? I hope you think about these things when you are tempted to eat "forbidden fruit."

I am not Catholic, and it doesn't matter with all God’s children, but it hurt me just the same when I heard of the closing of two of the catholic churches that have been long standing in our area and so necessary for our way of life.

What are we telling our children?  hat our religion isn't that important anymore? What about the elderly and the children, when it is even harder for them to get to church and church activities.

My dad’s family was catholic. They were part of St. Aidens and buried in the cemetery that Anna Mae Lee so thoughtfully mapped out to the best of her ability. It was a thought-provoking day when the church at Bath was put to rest and St. Aidens came to Ellendale for convenience and better access. And now what? As our churches close their doors, what’s next for our religion and the many services they provide for others? The comfort for those "going home," the warmth of quilts made and shared, and the sharing of food and fellowship.

While on the subject of religion, I have a friend. He used to be an announcer for KATE radio. For his mother-in-law’s funeral he spoke/read, "In The Garden." I have always loved it, but never like that day when he spoke it. Hugh Hall — it was so beautiful and I will never forget it.

The first time I heard "On Eagles’ Wings" was in a little "woodsy" church in Wisconsin. It was at my uncle George's funeral. The priest was a baritone. He couldn't hit the high notes. A lady at the funeral had a beautiful high-pitched voice and she didn't sing the low notes. They sang their parts and the song was beautiful beyond compare.

I've heard it played many times, and it always beautiful, but when the young granddaughter of the Phillips family played it on her violin for her grandfathers' funerals, it was unforgettable. She also played it for her grandmothers. Norrine Jensen has also given us such an outstanding rush of beautiful music. How wonderful and even more so when compared to the shriek and scream of some of the junk that is played or sung as music today.

Remember when our churches would hold two worship services on Sunday morning — when there was standing room only — or folding chairs were placed in the aisles? When Sunday school was the favorite school" day of the week? We even had Wednesday school!

There are those who would like to take us away from God’s love. Please don't let that happen. Stand up and stop the removal of religious inscriptions that have been a part of our lives since our country began.

What is there should stay there.

God bless America. In God we trust!

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us. Also if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me.

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like include, or news to share please contact me via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; by postal mail, P.O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035 or telephone, 507-256-4405.

This week’s birthdays and anniversaries include:

• Thursday, February 26th: Sharon Menefee, Shawn Jensen, Becky Lassahn, Ray Coxworth, Ginger Cornelius, Mary Lou Spurr, Chris Sauke, Mike Glynn, Jeff & Robin Christensen, Joel & Peg Radjenovich

• Friday, February 27th: Steve Pence, Jean Anderson, Garry Nordhorn, Doris Rasmussen, Journey Churchill-Malcolm, Erik Cooper, John Olson, Jayden Dakota Tonkins, Nancy Ingvaldson, Daryl Van Ravenhorst

• Saturday, February 28th: Troy Utpadel, Neil Pence, Jackie Miller, Steve Engel, Dan Nesdahl, Bennett Dobberstein, Atom Oquist, Sharese Lehmberg, John Marlin, Gerry Flim, Michelle Nelson, Michael Nelson, Tyler Titus, Tiffany Mischke, Michael Coy, Jim & Diane Butler

• Sunday, March 1st:  Dan Nelson, Arlen Brekke, Chet Alan Hansen, Jordon Cook, Rick Loberg, Sara Ihrke, Duane Reichl, Nicole Farr, Emily Ayers, Paula & Richard Conroy  

• Monday, March 2nd: Willard Christenson, Wilfred Christenson, Laurie Jensen, Angie Hagen Rasmussen, Joanne Kaiser, Roger Langlie, Casey Lyman, Abner Smith, Alexis Elizabeth Klocek, Ronnie & Marcia Hutchins, Paul & Kathy Underland

• Tuesday, March 3rd: Jeff Lageson, John Crabtree, Valerie Tobiason Quiring, Maurine Larson, Frank Thompson, Bill Draayer, Terri Jensen, Darlene Christensen, Charlie Hanson, Jessica Tufte, Terri Miles, David Underland, Darren & Christine Hanson, Angie & Jeff Rasmussen, Nicole & Nathan Milender

• Wednesday, March 4th: Dawn David, Teresa Hove, Larry Spear, Julia Elizabeth Neitzel

• Thursday, March 5th: Dayna Schember, Nicole Ella Schultz, Tim Toft, Vickie Haberman, Steve Van Ravenhorst, Declan Dean O'Brien, his 3rd

• Friday, March 6th: Valerie Schember, Aaron Reese, Larry Reese, Dawn Dulas, Lynda Maddox Norland, Wade Wacholz, Ryan Schimek, Marlene Peterson, Lillian Weaver, Jami Ann & Travis Marzolf

• Saturday, March 7th: Jace John Goslee, his 9th; Marlee Diane Dutton, her 11th; Jake Ortiz, Emily Horan, David Otterson, Chuck Hagen, Lorna Reistad, Kenneth Peterson, Lance Cummins, Peggy Evenson 

Wishing you quiet moments of beauty on your special day!

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