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How many times have we said, "Just a minute,” either in celebration, humiliation and sometimes in devastation?  How much power does one moment of our lives have over what we are and do?

It was the 17th of June, 2010 when the tornado struck its ugly blow on the areas around here.  It has been a year since people have been trying to undo some of the unique ways of destruction that took place in that second. 

It is still sad to see all of the many, many beautiful trees that were destroyed or damaged in that "second of time.” I am so very thankful that no lives were lost here in our immediate area.

Luckily, the tornado struck when it did and not a few hours later when people would ordinarily have been in bed.  It is enough to make one cringe at the thought.  Bad as it was, it could have been worse.  Time has not erased the thoughts and sight that followed this devastation.

I recently took a mini tour of the area to see what a difference a second made, and how much difference a year makes. Evidence of that tornado is everywhere. 

As I looked at all the tattered oaks still standing, I could see the empty spaces, but there are leaves struggling to come out and grace the limbs. It’s a sign of God, giving hope and promise. 

Thank goodness the people here in our corner of the world were able to rely on themselves, their families, friends and neighbors, not allowing the tornado to completely destroy them. They just got busy and picked up the pieces, so to speak, and have been doing what they could to move forward and be thankful for each and every day.

My mind wanders to Joplin, Missouri and the havoc caused there recently. I think of those parents whose joy changed to tears over their young people who made it through 18 years and lost it all in a second.

When I heard of the miracles that occurred recently from the tornados, like the baby crying in a tree top, still strapped in its infant seat, the song, "Rock a bye baby, in the tree top - when the wind blows the cradle will rock" took on new meaning. I quickly said a prayer to our Lord up above.

 I am reminded of the tornado that hit "in a second" in Roseville when my husband, Daryl, was playing fast pitch softball.  My own little girl was there with us and in a second - gone.  We frantically searched through the storm and rain to find her. 

We are so very thankful we had a happy ending to our story, as another ball player picked her up to find a place of safety. He did not know who she was. He just wanted to help her.

It wasn't until another ball player remembered that an opposing team member had a little girl, that he brought her to us.  We didn't know where she was for a long time. It would be impossible to describe the feeling of desperation, helplessness we felt during that time. We were fortunate. 

I can only grieve and pray for those people whose search must be endless. It saddens me to see the face of a father on television who had looked for three days steady and said, "dead or alive, I have to find him.”

Even our daughter, Keralyn, still remembers that awful day, even though she was just a toddler.   Lest we forget, prayers are always said in good times and in bad.  Prayers of thankfulness and prayers of need.

When someone says just a second or just a moment, remember how important that moment of time may be.

How can some people blame God when He is all we have to depend on?

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Wishing you quiet moments of beauty on your special day!

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