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I really don't know how I could be more impressed with the teaching staff at our local school. We seem to always have exceptional teachers here.

When I read the resumes of the new teachers I have met so far this year, I could hardly believe we could be so fortunate to attract these great teachers. They seem to bring such high expectations and experience with them to their classrooms it excites me. I feel like I want to go back to school again.

Their enthusiasm, goals and background are commendable. They sound very eager to share what they have learned with their students.

Some of the new teachers are local residents, a couple in fact graduated from our school district. I feel that is a plus because they know the territory and the trends that are here. Yet some are from distances far enough away that they have brought many new ideas with them.

Several new teachers come from parents with educational backgrounds. In fact, Emily Dahle’s mother is also teaching in our local district.

Emily, the new Minnesota Reading Corps tutor for the 4 and 5–year-old preschool class, spent a year in Africa with a mission team, bringing morality and knowledge into the classroom of a territory unlike our own. Emily, who is also schooled in business, taught English to young children in Africa.

It wasn't just about going on a mission. Emily had to first make the decision to go and then apply. She then had to wait patiently to see if she would be accepted. Once she got the word, she had to find a way to raise the money she would need to make the trip a reality. These wonderful traits are bound to rub off on her students.

Brenda Dobberstein, another local resident, had previously taught in Blooming Prairie and Owatonna, as well as in her home, as she is a mother or three highly motivated and mature young boys. She's taught them well and one can see the same qualities in how she teaches her students. She believes that it is important to connect with each of her students.

Drew Paukert, what can I say? This remarkable young man moved in to the territory as soon as he knew he would be part of the community. He likes that small town feeling and the welcome he has received. He also believes that sports also provide an education too and his involvement is to his credit. His goal of growing as an educator makes a positive influence on all of his students.

Drew’s parents too, are in education and he credits them with being great educators and instilling in him his passion for teaching.

When Jillian Freeman was trying to decide on a career, her father laughed and said, "I  always knew you'd be a teacher. You've played school since you were a child and you always wanted to be a leader.”

And so she is with strength and experience teaching fourth grade at Ellendale. A former teacher gave her encouragement to apply at NRHEG.

Coy Hupfeld celebrates learning. He doesn't give tests but conducts "Celebrations of Learning." I for one have found that tests just did not reflect my knowledge of the subject. Others have told me that tests just make them "freeze." He believes learning should be fun and he brings thinking to his classroom with humor. His goal is to inspire his students to be lifelong learners who think outside the box and gain an overall knowledge  of what is going on in the world. His interest in history and political science is his motivation.

And I still have a couple more teachers — Molly Eckhardt and Samanatha Klukow — yet to meet, and I look forward to learning all about them too!

We have also been touched by great instructors who have retired and moved on to other things, secure in the knowledge that these new teachers are like a fresh breath of air, adding to the experiences of the former teachers.

Currently our local district is comprised of 37 instructors in New Richland, 44 in Ellendale, plus 15 office staff and three administrators.

Our teachers focus on the needs of each of the students, from those with special needs on to those with the exceptional learning abilities.

And let us not forget the community efforts. Shawn Larson, a 6th-grade teacher, is also a member of one of our local fire departments. Shawn again organized a great instructional program for Fire Prevention Week. The kids were included in hands-on activities, which makes for improved learning and remembering.

The local P.T.O. is such a plus as they help bring fun and adventure to education. They provide needs that might not be there except for their efforts.

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, October 23rd: Jacklynn Kress, Marian Dahl, Gene Grubbish, Kimberly Kilian, Grant Ver Hey, Stewart Hatch, Rick & Lana Thompson, Dan & Tina Schmidt, Gary & Deb Nelson

• Friday, October 24th: Noelle Mae Brekke, her 4th; Jacob Keith Rigby, his 5th; Jeff Dobbertstein, Bobby Dobberstein, Joseph Bailey, Dan Willert, Eunice Hanson, Bob Wayne, Ashley Ashton, Gil & Kay Nelson, Lorna & Russell Reistad

• Saturday, October 25th: Mavis Bartsch, Jady Beenken, Dean Van Hal, Charlotte Haberman, Heidi Crabtree Owen, Mikaela Krikava, Spencer & Barb Kubat, Dean & Sandy Jensen, Breanna & Timothy Breidenbach, Heidi & Jason Owen

• Sunday, October 26th: Jannell Tufte, Jeanne Holland, Heather Hove, Reece Gabriel Routh, Jake Andrew Wiersma, Kevin Hamor, Conner Dean Phode, Jamie & Andrea Mettler

• Monday, October 27th: Jason Born, David Anderson, Bruce Yanke, James Bremer Jr., Mitchell & Amy Edwards, Donly & Joanne Cromwell

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• Wednesday, October 29th: Ann Anderson, Scott Klocek, Mark Motl, Bob Haried, Kayli Rose Johnson, Bailey Ann Davis, Warren & Mary Torgerson, Craig & Jennifer Torgerson

• Thursday, October 30th: Lilly Jane Wacek, Gordon Goette, Angie Broskoff Klemmensen, Allen & Barb Dobberstein

• Friday, October 31st: Happy Halloween! Kyra Barbara Kotsmith, Brooke Hanson Berg, Heather Wayne, Emily Smith, Carrie Thompson, Roseann Kasper, Lorraine Lent, Kaye & Mike Cady, Vonda & Andrew Komba

Hoping that your special day puts a song in your heart to last the whole year long!

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