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The switch from air conditioning to heating was a bit overwhelming, especially when I was praying for a long warm Indian summer. But so be it. 

We can't do much about Mother Nature, but we can do something about how we accept or reject it. Maybe it is a signal that it’s time to recharge our batteries, to seek opportunities, regroup and refresh our minds and manners.

We live in extraordinary communities. Miracles happen, but sometimes we need to help them happen.

I am amazed how everyone responds to the needs of those who need help. A celebration of hope.

Hope means different things to different people but we all share the same desire for a positive outcome. Hope unites us and makes our communities strong.

The coming months offer many opportunities to share love, hope and concern for others. Maybe it doesn't seem like it, but that is a gift – an opportunity to use our heads to think of what we can do, like the 4-H pledge I learned so many years ago: "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world."

It offers an opportunity to open our hearts to others too. After all, that’s what we’re here for. Certainly not just for ourselves alone. Being with others, sharing their joys and sorrows, is what life is all about. 

Already the cooks are preparing for the 30th annual Wild Game Feed on Dec. 6 at the Geneva Bar and Grill. It’s hard work but a joyous occasion as the men get together for this inspiring dinner and event that so many come from far and wide to enjoy.

Several representatives of the Clarks Grove Baptist Church are going to Honduras in January to help build a more permanent home for a family. Many of the homes in Azacualpa are built of mud, sticks and rock. The family who are chosen to have a home built for them are much in need. Several teams go to Honduras to do various things to help them. First there is the cleaning out of what little the family has, then the demolition of the old living quarters. Then new dirt is brought in, before cement floors are poured and new concrete walls are put up. Then a corrugated roof is put up and another group helps put the finishing touches on the house, sometimes even making beds and tables. 

The group from Clarks Grove plans to take quilts with them made by their quilting circle, to give to the family. 

What would we do without the many different churches and caring people who give of their time and talents to help others?

We pray for Peggy Sorenson, and others who are facing difficult medical circumstances. We pray for help with all the costs they and their families have to bear in battles against cancer and other catastrophic diseases, not to mention stress. 

Peggy's family and friends are joining together to help her with her current battle against cancer. A benefit is being planned for Saturday, Oct. 18 from 3-7 at the Geneva Community Center. A bake sale, both live and silent auctions, raffles, as well as along a dinner are all being planned. 

Of course the obvious needs are there, but isn't the rapport and knowledge that others care also a big plus? It is hard to fight a battle alone. Celebrating hope with others is like sunshine on a dreary day. The warmth of love shows in rewarding all who are concerned.

The auctions, the Bike-A-Thon, the 5K runs, the Relay For Life, Geneva Cancer Run, Matt Felt-Dillon Gordon Run and the Ride For Hope motorcycle runs, as well as the recent "Jacob’s Run," have been fun and beneficial. Snow will bring on snowmobile runs too. People helping people while enjoying time together and seeing the sights is a plus.

And the kids also want to help, and some have set up lemonade stands while others have held penny collections. They all add up. There is a purpose along with enjoyment, which gives value to what we are and do. 

There are happenings, there are diseases, some little known or curable, but there is always a challenge people must face. Someone will try to find a solution. 

Miracles happen all the time. 

Life will end when the last heart stops beating. So too would life end if hearts stop caring.

— — —

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, Sept. 18: Torsten Wayne, Laura Groth, Carla Scripture, Kevin Christenson, Ron Farr, Chris Larson, Becky Axmann, Laura Davis, Julia Spande, Randy & Cindy Horan, Andrea & Nick Miller, Todd & Mary Wayne, David & Malinda Hanson, Jill & Brian Wolff, Nicholas & Katie Wayne

• Friday, Sept. 19: Vicki Hill Kress, Carol Anderson, David Deml, Ben Cerney, Kristine Sorenson, Bill Hatch, Jennifer Johnson, Gerald Trandem, Cindy Morris Erickson, Scott & Tracy Tracy, Kelly & David Wacek, Jill & Dustin Johannsen

• Saturday, Sept. 20: Trinity Starr Wocelka, Jade Hill, Tricia Wayne, Alice Simonson, Sarah Mills, Cheryl Lonning, Bruce Born, Mardelyn Thompson, Jennifer Thorn, Jason & Michelle Gordon

• Sunday, Sept. 21st: Addie Haugen, Tiffany Shelton, Tim Sorenson, Dan Richards, Ann Hamilton, Margaret Deml, Thomas O'Conner, Pastor Richard Spande, Richard Axmann, Sherri & Chad Fritz, Jodi & Brandon Wayne, Marty & Karen Johnson

• Monday, Sept. 22nd: Noah Rasmussen, Lee Nelson, Gary Jenkins, Kaleb Christensen, Diane Stollard, Kathy Underland, Doris DeNeui, Mark & Rachel Lee

• Tuesday, Sept. 23rd: Aiden James Manges, Allison Groth Muilenburg, Melissa Lonning, Sara Corenlius Routh, Kristin Hamburg, Lance Jepson, Theresa Langlie, Debra Harding, James Robertson, Galen Montanye, Elizabeth Lageson, Mark Kasper, Robin Christensen, Judy & Tad Lunning

• Wednesday, Sept. 24: Gilmore Nelson, Nancy Pence, Jayna Domier, Jazmyne Tayton Martinez, Brandon Wayne, Cherysh Christina Hill Marcks, Brody Carlson, Michael Bedney, Trevor David Barber, Jill Vanden Heuvel, Kathie Lein, Susan Mickelson, Sophie Miller, Iris & Stanley Jensen

May your special day hold the promise of many bright tomorrows!

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