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Pollution is a word that comes to mind.

We all are educated regarding the pollution from smoke and trash and the like and what it does to our health, but my concern is about pollution of the mind. Am I so used to pollution I don't recognize its effect or have given up on trying to do something about it?

The pollution of our environment covers many areas. Half truths, whole untruths, bad language, criminal advances, or intruders who contaminate the universe for their own satisfaction or greed without the thought of the consequences for others.

Lets start with television. Why do we have to pay good money to hear words that should never be uttered in private, let alone broadcast in amass, that is shocking to an adult, let alone a child?

Television is full of cursing, violence, nudity and suggestive action not credible for adults, let alone children. Not only is it polluted with forever advertising that is legal, but not necessarily truthful.

Ads create a "wanna have" condition that causes over spending and buying products not necessarily good for a healthy diet or lifestyle.

This is true with communication on the Internet as well. One wonders what is true, half true or is out and out propaganda. This is especially true when we have contradictory reports.

Television, computers, i-Pads, and all that "stuff" has its educational worth, but too much of even a good thing is detrimental to one’s health. I am relatively sure we all spend too much time watching even good programs or using electronic devices to allow enough time for the many other good things out there. 

Ever notice how many adults, children or even tots spend their time with a gadget in hand? Direct verbal communication is often lost and can be as addictive as any drug or undesirable passion.

Parents should monitor what their children watch. Children should monitor their parents and other adults too.

Many wouldn't be able to get anything else done because even in "decent television" those ugly acts and words are thrown into advertising, especially advertising programs that are child prohibitive. Turning off the television is the best choice by far, which is sometimes inconvenient.

Along those same lines, I have read some good literature that was spoiled because it had things in the content that were unnecessary to give value or credence to the story. Even choice of words can make a difference.

And then there is the pollution of our foods and medicines and liquids. Things are added that aren't necessary to further nutrition, but for other reasons. Many additives that are added, things like artificial colors and flavors to enhance the product or are for the appeal. As if sugar in soda drinks aren't enough, caramel color and flavoring is added too. I don't know if it is true, but it has been said in China they add unused ingredients to processed products to cut down the cost and space of disposal of garbage.

Part of the controversy over the use of vaccinations is because of ingredients that may not be of any particular value except possibly extending the length of time it is usable. Florida has had a water additive for almost always, but does it have a side effect that is more dangerous than decay?

Drug departments are covered with things that can or can not do any number of things, but are these fact or fiction. Even good necessary drugs can contain things that develop dangerous side effects.

There is pollution found in little ways that are aggravating, sometimes dangerous and unnecesary. Your trash is your trash - not someone else’s responsiblity. It is great that there are people who will clean the roadways and public areas of trash, papers, cans, bottles and such, but it should not be necessary if everyone did their part and disposed of things responsibly. Trash is trash and unsanitary.

Sometimes we have to make choices in the value of pesticides and other chemicals. There are products out there without pollutants. It is good to remember that products pollute the air we breathe, the ground we till, the clothing we wear, the bed we sleep in, the plastics we use, the dishes and the utensils we use to prepare our food. And we can't forget that the way we prepare our food can pollute it too!  

Common sense should be a common factor in use and excess use. If we don't need it, we don't need it. Consider anything unnecessary detrimental to the well being of the individual or the environment, as pollution!

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Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, September 4th: Cody Blouin, Marc Vanden Heuvel, Melissa Wayne, Erin Dobberstein, Daniel Pitcock, Holly Wangsness Dau, Rachel Arends, Melody & Tim Gassnman

• Friday, September 5th: Beckett Dane Rasmussen, Sydney Marie Schmidt, Jennifer Broskoff Dutton, Bruce Langlie, Beth Ann Suelter, Darren Hanson, Stacy Evenson, Grace Lorraine Kofstad, Rande Nelson, Dennis & Mary Jensen, Chuck and L‚ymra Hoogland, Brian & Angie Dobberstein

• Saturday, September 6th: LeAnn Hjoberg, Cindy Sloan Scheevel, Jackson Kilian, Tina Thostenson, Luke Trumble

• Sunday, September 7th: Tanner Ryan Green, Caleb Wacek, Bert Van Hal, Janice Nelson, Charles Phagan, Allen Wacek, Jenny & Jed Popiel, Summer & Wayne Schultz, Erik & Gina Cooper, Al & Becky Larson, Brant & Rhiannon Boerner

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• Tuesday, September 9th: Eva Lauren Wayne, Charlie Pence, Paul Aronson, Bruce Cerney, Corey Haddy, Steve Hanson, Roger Herbst, Jim & Mary Brocker, Randy & Deb Parks, Spencer & Suzanne Wayne

• Wednesday, September, 10th: Arnold Lund, his 96th; Taya RaeAnn Lembke, Emily Crabtree, Caden Jensen, Curtis Blouin, Craig Blouin, Pauline Fetterly, Steve Granowski, Kathy Knudson, Sally Utpadel Waknitz, Connie Krusemark, Charlie & Diane Marlin

Wherever this year takes you, may you find happiness along the way.

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