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I don't know who said it - or what the exact words are - but it goes something like this: "We don't inherit our land from our forefathers, we borrow it from our children."

Children have definitely come to mind at this time of year, with our college students graduating after years of intensive study, and high school graduates looking ahead to their continuing education. And fifth graders, who seem to attain a new found maturity when they realize next year they will be in "middle school.” Yes, it is on the lower level of high school, but they are eager to do their best until they can say they are seniors.

And then there are those five- and six-year-olds who have learned to read, write, spell and know figures. Their excitement and enthusiasm say, "I've made it!” "I can do these things," "I've passed the first step and now I know I can do it," "I've graduated.”

They don't set out to beat the world – they set out to do their best.

The tie that binds children to parents will be stretched to the limit as they now know the world and say “Here I come!” This "child of mine" is now a young man or lady who can read and write and knows the difference between a nickel and a quarter. Why shouldn't they feel self-confident?

It is amazing how much they know compared to what grandma or grandpa knew back when. There is more curiosity, self-confidence, and ability, and it seems to surface quicker. They are a product (or a victim) of a progressive, demanding civilization. 

There is a story about someone who thought they could help the butterfly emerge from its cocoon by helping it open. They crippled it instead. 

One can communicate expectations and make suggestions – but the child needs to do it on his own, in his way and in his own time.

Butterflies drink nectar from flowers for food. Children "drink" in knowledge, behavior, attitude, perseverance, patience, understanding and love, from experiences with others. Then they emerge as butterflies, ready to spread their wings and soar away.

If both parents work out of the home, their children do for themselves things that parents once thought they had to do for them. However, they will always want to know you are there, whether they’re babies or full grown adults.  You may clash on things you feel they should do or be - but the fact remains they are always your child, you’re their parent, and we know who is right. Right? 

Like a tree, the family branches in many directions – the leaves and blossoms may be different and spread out in different ways, but they still come from their family roots. Their growth depends upon what "foods" they are given.

Treasure your children. Enjoy their baby days; they grow up so fast. You'd have it no other way, but they will outgrow you. They will change the world and you along with it.

When I was a child I read a poem about a caterpillar and a butterfly.

A fuzzy caterpillar wiggled down a tree. 

He wiggled long, he wiggled short,

he wiggled right at me.

I put him in a box. "Don't go away," I said.

But when I looked again I saw a butterfly instead.

Now I could never make one, even if I tried.

Cause only Mother Nature can make a butterfly.

I didn't know then what it meant, but now I do! It refers to our children, who are grown up suddenly, like butterflies. They must grow in their own way, and in their own time.

There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. 

–Hodding Carter, Jr

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, June 5: Marcia Vermedahl, Shawn Johnson, Paul Krull, David Reistad, Mike Rossing, Lisa Jensen Nord, Jack Butler, Greg Oswald, Michael Schmidt, Ron & Jolee Johnson, Stacy (Osmundson) & Trevor Titus, Erica (Van Kampen) & Jacob McClaskay, Elzo & Joy Peterson

• Friday, June 6: Steve & Kari Vanden Heuvel, Stacy & Shannon Wobschall, Dean & Roberta Lembke, Hope Kilian, Eric Sorenson, Cheryl Louks, Steve Lonning, Todd Born, Owen James Wheeler, Blake Rolland Baudoin, Isiah DuBois

• Saturday, June 7: Chris Blouin, Daniel Eliason, Jesse Langlie, Roger Sommers, Faye Thompson, Paul Stollard, Trisha (Gross) Gilbertson, Brandon Gross, Katie & Kevin Knudson, Holly & Jake Dau, Richard & Karen Holmes, Irvin & Joan Diderrich, Jeff & Lynne Draayer, Jim & Joanne Pichner

• Sunday, June 8: Deb Wallace, Steve Hagen, Owen Ryan Krueger, Monty Miller, Sandi Meyer, Rodney Wayne, Steve Lembke, Morgan Hutchinson, Michelle & Damon Gowlland

• Monday, June 9: Torsten & Melissa Wayne, Rhonda (Lund) & Troy Thevenot, LeRoy & Gladys Peterson, Lexi Wayne, Ahinka Jensen, Sharon Lageson, Bennett Ver Hey, Carrie Paulson, Karen Swearingen Cox, Dana Waltz, Greg Smith, Tait Ingvaldson

• Tuesday, June 10: Arnold Lund, his 94th; Warren Wayne, Samantha Mae Schumacher, Kathy Allard, David Ellis, Chuck Groth, Jamie Weller, Margaret Reese, Forest Peterson, Adam Wacek, London Avery, Sarah (Cornelius) & Rob Routh, Marv & Pat Schulz, Missy (Lonning) & Paul Richards

• Wednesday, June 11: Angie & Thad Aaseth, Rick & Becky Johnson, Andy Lerberg, Zoie Marie Jensen, Diana Ritz, Matthew Horan, John Xavier, Mary Simon, and Karen Carlsen

Wishing you quiet moments of beauty on your special day!

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