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Latest New Richland, Minnesota, weather

Is spring really here? Spring is like Christmas, full of "presents" that bring us anticipation and happiness. Driving down the road brings the gift of observation.

Geneva Park...

The beautiful day brought a number of young people to the Geneva Park. That park seems to frequently have children enjoying the great outdoors, playing on the many swings, monkey bars and slide.

On Tuesday afternoon the children of Vicki and Kory Kress were among children that were having a great time playing in the park.

First Farmer In The Fields...

En route to New Richland, I observed the first farmer that I had seen out in the field preparing for spring planting.

Mike and Gretchen Supulla always seem to be in the fields, which might have something to do with the soil content on their farm. Driving back to Geneva I observed that the tractor could not be seen, so I thought I would stop to have a chat with Mike. Surprise but no surprise I learned that the farmer driving the tractor in the field was Gretchen, who was just finishing up working up the soil on 105 acres of the 1000 acres that the Supullas own and farm near the New Richland Golf Course.

While visiting with Mike I observed a number of Panther golfers on the driving range at the club — a sure sign of spring. It made me think of how fortunate we are to have such facilities close by for golf advocates. 

Ellendale Park and Flower Garden...

While passing through Ellendale on Tuesday afternoon, I noticed those ever-faithful ladies, Gail Skroch and Cynthia Nelson, busy working in the little park in mid-town Ellendale, just east of the Ellendale Cafe. Like a tranquil bit of love on earth, this grand park offers everyone a place to sit and meditate or enjoy the labor of these workers in presenting beauty and enjoyable entertainment to anyone who partakes of its beauty. What a welcome sight to anyone passing through town.

In talking with the ladies I learned that in June, a "wagon train" will make its way through Ellendale. How can they not notice how much the town means to us when they see the efforts made to make it beautiful? Not to be overlooked, the mini-garden behind the bank building and the tribute to our servicemen and women by the community building.

Lerberg’s Foods...

The sign outside that Ross Sletten had in front of Lerberg’s Grocery advertised onion sets and seed potatoes. A reminder that what we can grow ourselves is always at its freshest and it is time to plant!

Clair Clausen...

As always I observed Claire Clausen on her dedicated walk/run; a reminder what a commitment she has always made to enhance her health. The number of years and how many miles Claire has logged might take her around the world many times and all within a few miles from home.

I feel guilty that I haven't yet been able to recommit to those daily walks I used to take 31 years ago.  I do find my love for our paper and the ability to share good news, good people, good times and the amazing worth of our small towns and the big value they provide me in getting "out and about" and getting some exercise.

New Look for Ellendale Businesses...

Have you noticed how many businesses in Ellendale have updates? Jim Johnson, who has his barber shop in downtown Ellendale in the old Security State Bank building on the north side of main street, recently had K & C Construction of Morristown install new energy efficient windows and a new front door.

K & C then moved from that location across the street to the First National Bank in Ellendale and did repairs and updates for a more attractive exterior. In talking with Kenneth Stenzel from K & C, he said the crew removed a two-foot strip of wood, as well as the blue belt of aluminum that had been around the top portion of the bank and replaced it with brick that matched the rest of the building. 

K & C’s next project is removing an old, unused chimney on the Union Creamery. Obviously this crew does good work and keeps busy.

Tree Stumps...

Meanwhile, our own Rollie Johnson of Ellendale has been grinding out stumps from various properties in Geneva and elsewhere when he isn't busy hauling fuel for Love’s. I believe he said he had demolished some 80 large stumps already this year. Rollie said, "You find them, we grind them."

What a difference these updates make in our great little towns.

The recent rains, along with the appearance of green grass and buds on the trees are starting to make everything look clean and new.

One negative note...

I also observed the handiwork of those inconsiderate people who throw their trash out their car windows or their cigarette butts on the ground once they have finished.  Others work hard cleaning up their mess but shouldn't have to. How hard is it to keep a bag in the vehicles to collect trash to stash, or place that cigarette butt in the proper place?

Think you have to travel around the world when you have so many, many sights and scenes right out your own windows?

I spent an afternoon just enjoying my hometown surrounding. That's why I live here!

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented they like to read about events such as family and school reunions, birthdays and anniversaries, and birth and wedding announcements. In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us. Also if you have an idea for a story that you think would be of interest to our readers, please contact me. 

If you have birthdays and anniversaries you would like include, or news to share please contact me via e-mail, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; by postal mail, P.O. Box 192, Geneva, MN 56035 or telephone, 507-256-4405.

This week’s birthdays and anniversaries include:

• Thursday, May 1st: Carter Levi Titus, Jim Hanson, Shirley Pichner Helgeson, Christopher "Critter" Johnson, his 12th; Luke Dobberstein, Gene Budach, Sandi Otto Glenn, Richard Helmers, Sue Kasper Anderson, Tim Kasper, Norma Long, Cari Jensen, Thomas Van Riper, Veronica & Jim Graif, Heidi & Ryan Baldwin

• Friday, May 2nd: Shayna Kress and Tyler Kress, their 4th; Jack Benjamin Owen, his 5th; Diane Smith, Ted Radke, Jill Goodnature Kubicek, Bonnie Shaunce, Stephanie Corey, DeWayne Farr, Nolin Joe Simmons, his 9th; Joshua Nicholas Paulsen, his 11th; Roger Anderson, Gerald & Mildred Flugum, Dean & Carolyn Wangen

• Saturday, May 3rd: Jase Dean Knudson, his 5th; Cassidy Worrell, Fern Possin, Justin Robertson, Dale Dulas, Wayne Dobberstein, Anthony Brandt, Merle Bartness Leah (Ruth) & William (Bill) Scott, their 4th

• Sunday, May 4th: Joyce Wayne, Angie Worrell Aaseth, Daniel Knudson, Kenneth Schumacher, Charles Wangsness, Keith Miller, Shirley Draayer Anderson, Dean Heskett, Thad Tuttle, Leslie Ray Farr, her 11th; Jessica Marcus, Julia Elizabeth Rye, her 6th, Brooklyn Cecila Strand, her 9th, Melonie Butler, Lexi Jo Brandstad, her 12th

• Monday, May 5th:  Mckenzie Lynn Jensen, her 13th; Alexis Janning, his 13th; Jeff Draayer, Shirley Jensen, Melody Krenke, Ron Langlie, Ryan Larson, Shirley Swearingen, Amber Obermoller, Dennis Sauke, Martin Whelan, John & Lucille Nechanicky, Tim & Jolene Sorenson, Kevin & Annie Avery

• Monday, May 6th: Caleb Scott Harpel, his 14th; Brad Borchert, Tracy Haddy, Cheryl Nelson, Iris Jensen, Brandon Wallace, Bill Vavra, Tim Wilker, Jennifer & Michael Vetsch, their 14th, Bill & Judith Hatch, Everett & Marian Camp

• Tuesday, May 7th: Brody Hanson, Brian Jensen, John Snyder, Nancy Swearingen Grant, Brian Johnson, Heidi & Jason Owen, their 9th, Bryan & Diane Brighton, Heidi (Crabtree) & Jason Owen, their 9th

• Wednesday, May 8th: Grace Carol Jean Riskedahl, her 2nd; Olivia Kay Smith, her 8th; Kristina Follien, Marguerite Christensen Nelson, Ronald Wangsness, Elizabeth Bremer, Sandy Neubauer

Wishing you sunshine and flowers and many, wonderful days ahead.

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