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In a few days, another group of seniors will take their place on stage in cap and gown to receive the piece of paper that says, “you graduated.” It is a happy day, with smiles abounding, and friends and family there to witness it. 

There will be tears, happy tears, memory tears and maybe just a few scared ones too because until now life has pretty well been set out for these seniors and now they are suppose to be “grown up” and ready to make their own decisions.

It’s critical for the students to take it in all in and be in the moment. A camera in hand isn’t a bad idea either. And for a moment, things will line up and the worries subside. But life will go on, with opportunities abounding.

Hopefully, when they grow up, they will be exposed to some adversity. That way they will learn things will not always be perfect, and to be responsible in solving their own problems. 

Hopefully, they make good decisions. But even in the best of times, they will make mistakes. They might even need to deal with mistakes made by others. In either case, they will need to “stand back” and take a good look at the situation, learn from it and equip themselves with the self assurance that this too is only temporary.  

And even when it seems to rain “forever,” the sun will soon shine, and not just for a few moments either. The good and bad will always go hand in hand.

Remember this: good preparation, being at the right place at the right time, good luck or the right attitude, all plays a part. For others, it may be taking one step at a time to reach the goals that they have set out for themselves. But if things seemed “blocked,” they may need to consider if that goal is the right one. 

Sometimes all it takes is shifting just a little, to a category more appropriate for their skills and personality. Or, they may have to try harder, if they truly know that is want they want for their life. 

In any case, events and life’s speed today will most likely require them to plan for a broader look of things to come. I hope they hold tight to that diploma as it is their passport, which tells the world, “I made it this far. Nothing can stop me now!”  

It is not just a piece of paper. It is a piece of paper representing 18 or so years, when the basics of life were taught by family, friends, school teachers and church environment.

Remember your first day of school. Was it exciting? Were you scared? Did you accept it with joy and anticipation, or were just a little leery about what was going on? The graduating seniors may have the right to feel those same emotions even today.

They can always look back, and try to peek just a little at their future. But, there is no crystal ball to tell them what lies ahead. 

Even so, technology is ever changing, and becomes faster every day. The national debt is rising every day and the world is shrinking. I am sure that many of them are thinking, “Where do I want to be, say 10 or 20 years from now?”  

Jobs will become obsolete, often sending us in a different direction. It is hard to know what life will be like, but maintaining the basics will help us make those right choices.

When you were a child you learned to listen, to get along with other people, to enjoy life and to educate yourself to those things necessary. Hopefully, you will continue to remember those things and live a wonderful life.

Your schooling may be over, but remember that your education still continues. 

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In order to read about these important things, we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us, so we can then pass along the news to you.  If you have news to share, please contact me.

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• Thursday, May 19th: Christina Hill Berry, Madison Schweirjohann, Summer Schember Schultz, Mike Rysavy, John Oolman, Dawn Parks, Tim & Tiffany Hanson

• Friday, May 20th: Oakley Baker, Kaye Schember Cady, Laureen Hohansee, Kathy Hanson, Hannah Ashton, Carrie Thorstenson, Penny Nord

• Saturday, May 21st: Tony Dodge, Christopher Flim, Tom Wilker, Joel Cooper, Ryan Parks, William & Marvel Beiser

• Sunday, May 22nd: David Eliason, Christine Thompson Krause, Lori Lembke, Scott Dirksen, Pat Horan, Mark Christensen, Jim Obermoller, Michael Sarver, Roger Thompson, Andrew Grunwald, Karla Hanson, Dick Swift, Chuck & Susan Grubish, Toni & James Perschbacker

• Monday, May 23rd: Stephanie Paul Marlin, her 2nd; Will Richard Utpadel, his 5th; Ilsbeth Wayne, Jeanne Simonson, Melissa Shaunce, Burton Borchert, Orville Langlie, Harold Sybilrud, Karen Quam, Rodney & Peggy Sorenson, Duane & Janice Morreim, Jeff & Sara Miller, Rebecca & Tim Brekke

• Tuesday, May 24th: David Chrisensen, Merlyn Swearingen, Marlyn Swearingen, Nina Widlund, Reta Draayer

• Wednesday, May 25th: Dakota Matthew Kath, his 6th; Riley Dean Disher, his 4th Jack Harpel, Jackie Johnson Miller, Jim Pichner, Cara Christensen, Valerie Peterson, Richard Fetterly, Bill Nechanicky, Rick Miller, Deb Parks, Paul Reese, Troy & Kelly Utpadel, Dave & Barbara Van Gorkom

• Thursday, May 26th: Jeff Wayne, Roger Wangsness, Natalie Hanson, Jim Cummins, Jennifer Beaber, Jeremy Beaber, Melissa Redmon, Karey (Kalakian) & Chris Shearman

• Friday, May 27th: Eileen Bergland, Lisa Hanson, Steve Jepson, Shane Callahan, Stacy Wobschall, Rev. Beaber, Theresa Kasper, Rick Loven, Carolee Broitzman George,  Tracy Marcus, Lisa Hanson, Steve Jepson, Michael Butler, Steve & Karen Quam, Megan & Joel Cooper

Celebrating with you as you mark another year. Hoping that your day is filled with family, friends and cheer!

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