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Here are some things you always wanted to know - or maybe not - but I will tell you anyway.

It is best to interrupt the diaphragm spasms that cause hiccups with a little lemon juice or by simply sucking on a lemon slice.  The sour taste gives a jolt that stops them, at least momentarily.

So many companies are advertising - no fat - low fat - as a means to catch the consumer’s eye. While this may be true and valid, sometimes these fats are replaced with other ingredients that are more than just a filler, which are downright not good for you.

We all know it takes a teaspoon of sugar to make the medicine go down. But it also takes a little sugar or salt to make some foods more palatable. Look for herbs that will bring out flavor, and also look on the label for sugar/salt substitutes that may be more harmful for your health.

Research suggests that 80% of all cancers and 70% of heart disease could be stopped or remedied, if we followed certain health rules.  Isn't it worth looking into? In fact, many catastrophic illnesses all stem from the lack of knowledge and participation, diabetes being one of them. 

There are so many unknown or not so widely known human illnesses out there. This truth should behoove us to do what we can to stop the obvious, so as to slow down the progression of new calamities along the way.

Are you aware that getting less than six hours of sleep makes you prone to developing cancerous polyps in your colon? It is more advisable to set your alarm clock for bed time than to set it for getting up.

Got an itch? If it is by your face, it could be from your cell phone.  By your belly button - your belt buckle.  On your wrist - your watch. Any of these items may have nickel in them, especially if they have been in use long enough to make the covering thinner.

Ohio State researchers say to stop sneezing and other allergic reactions with yoga practice. It keeps you from being stressed and more susceptible to allergies.

Figure how much you make an hour before you make a purchase. Is it worth the amount of time you spend to get it? Same goes for snacking. If you know how many hours you need to exercise for that taste of one calorie tidbit, you might think twice before you eat it.

Because 70% of your body is comprised of water, it stands to reason that many times when we really think we're hungry, we actually are thirsty. A glass of ice water every morning will require your body to heat up the water to body temperature, an effective weight loss technique. 

The body also utilizes the water to stay hydrated. Water is also necessary for blood circulation. To determine how much water your body needs, divide your weight in half. That number is the minimum amount of ounces you should consume in a day.

I've also heard that we should drink eight glasses of water for the first 150 pounds, and 8 ounces for every 25 pounds above that. It's never advised to gulp excessive amounts of water or other liquids, because it upsets the electrolyte balance which may send the body into shock. Remember too that foods you eat contribute to the water in your body.

Working out before breakfast prompts the body to burn more fat for fuel.  Having a cup of coffee right before a workout gives you endurance, plus it reduces any aches or pains you feel during exercise. The caffeine blocks adenosine, which is a chemical that sends pain signals to the brain, so sayeth the researchers at the University of Illinois.

Sipping coffee could reduce your risk of diabetes up to 30%. Coffee is rich in compounds that make your muscles more sensitive to sugar hormones in soft drinks, which helps you use more glucose for energy. Some say no coffee is best while others say it is good for you. Does it make you shake your head?

Research shows that women who sip just one soft drink or fruit punch daily increase their risk of developing diabetes by 83%. That large load of rapidly absorbed sugar taxes the pancreas' ability to keep blood sugar on an even keel, according to Dr. Testelbauns.

It isn't enough to keep the salt shaker off the table or out of the cooking area.  Often when sugar, oils and carbohydrates are cut from processed foods, the salt amount is increased to bring out the taste. Read the label!

People can cut their risk of diabetes 25% by consuming one of these treats daily: one cup of cherries, 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce, one cup of vegetarian chili, 1/4 cup shredded coconut, one cup of baby carrots, 1/4 cup sweet onions, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon. Also try ground cinnamon on oatmeal instead of sugar. It’s good.

Researchers say that drinking unsweetened cranberry juice or calcium fortified orange juice can boost our HDL's 10% or more. Keeping HDL's (good kind) above 55 milligrams could cut your risk of Alzheimer’s up to 60% (NY Columbia University).  HDL's clear artery clogging fats out of the brain so the brain tissues stay young and healthy.

Other ways to raise your HDL's include lifting weights and eating a diet rich in omega 3 and omega 98 like nuts, seeds, fish, seafood and avocados.

On the Campbell soup can down by the Educational coupon, I found a little sign that reads "Made in the USA.” That made my heart glad! We need more of those signs on our merchandise.

On to another topic...The kind of weather we've had certainly doesn't make you think sunscreen. Even so, sunscreen isn't just for sunny, summer days. It should be applied daily, because even on cloudy days the sun’s harmful rays penetrate the clouds and can damage your skin. Twenty minutes of sun exposure a day is all that is necessary for producing Vitamin D.

When we do too many things at once, we can't fully commit to doing any one thing well. This is especially important when you're driving, as it can quickly become a safety issue. It sounds like law enforcement are going to clamp down on this issue in the not too distant future, regarding cell phone usage, eating, etc.

Do you enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars?  Do you think about how much exercise is involved? It’s more than you think. Dancing actually enhances your memory and makes your brain grow.  Get smart - Dance!

Birthdays and anniversaries:

• Thursday, April 28th: Martin Rossing, Rodney Peterson, Mildred Flugum, Jamie Cameron,  Jean & Chuck Groth

• Friday, April 29th: Derek Anthony Kubicek, his 5th; Jane Brocker, Roberta Dettman, Angie Hall, Mitchell Jensen, Pat & Linda Goodnature, Jennifer & Steve Schultz

• Saturday, April 30th: Nancy Williams, Jeff Misgen, Paul Moen, Bradley Randall, Dawn Cooper, Kevin Cooper, Jonathon Lein, Karey Dufresne, Judah Ashton, Jonathon Lein, Rick & Melonie Miller

• Sunday, May 1st: Carter Levi Titus, Jim Hanson, Shirley Pichner Helgeson, Christopher "Critter" Johnson, his 10th; Luke Dobberstein, Gene Budach, Sandi Otto Glenn, Richard Helmers, Sue Kasper Anderson, Tim Kasper, Norma Long, Cari Jensen, Thomas Van Riper, Veronica & Jim Graif, Heidi & Ryan Baldwin

• Monday, May 2nd: Jack Benjamin Owen, his 3rd; Diane Smith, Ted Radke, Jill Goodnature Kubicek, Bonnie Shaunce, Stephanie Corey, DeWayne Farr, Nolin Joe Simmons, his 7th; Joshua Nicholas Paulsen, his 9th; Roger Anderson, Gerald & Mildred Flugum, Dean & Carolyn Wangen

• Tuesday, May 3rd: Jase Dean Knudson, his 3rdd; Cassidy Worrell, Fern Possin, Justin Robertson, Dale Dulas, Wayne Dobberstein, Anthony Brandt, Merle Bartness, Leah (Ruth) & William (Bill) Scott, their 2nd

• Wednesday, May 4th: Joyce Wayne, Angie Worrell Aaseth, Daniel Knudson, Kenneth Schumacher, Charles Wangsness, Keith Miller, Shirley Draayer Anderson, Dean Heskett, Thad Tuttle, Leslie Ray Farr, her 9th; Jessica Marcus, Julia Elizabeth Rye, her 4th, Brooklyn Cecila Strand, her 7th, Melonie Butler, Lexi Jo Brandstad, her 10th  Thursday, May 5th: Mckenzie Lynn Jensen, her 10th; Alexis Janning, his 10th; Jeff Draayer, Shirley Jensen, Melody Krenke, Ron Langlie, Ryan Larson, Shirley Swearingen, Amber Obermoller, Dennis Sauke, Martin Whelan, Erik & Shannon Smith, their 10th; John & Lucille Nechanicky, Tim & Jolene Sorenson, Kevin & Annie Avery

• Friday, May 6th: Caleb Scott Harpel, his 11th; Brad Borchert, Tracy Haddy, Cheryl Nelson, Iris Jensen, Brandon Wallace, Bill Vavra, Tim Wilker, Jennifer & Michael Vetsch, their 11th, Bill & Judith Hatch, Everett & Marian Camp

Birthdays and anniversaries are for reflecting...dreaming...enjoying. Have a wonderful day!

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