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I don't know what to call this column this week. Strangers in the night (and day); oh, deer, or what some animals (deer) won't do to get in the news.

Living on the south end of Geneva, and not that far from Geneva Lake, has its pluses. It isn't everyone who can have deer come up to your picture window to critique your news when you are typing it. These inquisitive creatures are just nosey enough that they give us a thrill to see their little noses right up to the glass, checking us out. They visit our bird feeders, and a little salt block we put outside for them, before they leisurely move along, probably to visit the neighbor’s where I have seen well over a dozen of these beautiful four-legged creatures, even in the daytime. It has been a hard winter for the wildlife, birds and animals alike. And I guess I can say this winter has been a little hard on the two legged animals too, meaning you and I.

As for the deer, what is it that still gives us a thrill? Looking into their soft brown eyes, their agility, and their shapely figure and the fact they are graceful, wild and free. You are right. I am not one for venison, on or off the hoof ,but I have no problem with those who do value their meat as healthy food. Venison is better for people than beef. I believe that to harvest deer for practical purposes is not a cruelty for animals.

Do you remember the Disney movie about Bambi? I truly believe it was one of the most colorful movies developed for children and most adults to enjoy. It is being released again and I hope all children will be able to see it. I also hope that it is part of many people’s video libraries as it is so much better than some of the shows that children are subjected to today.

Back to the snowy days of winter. All those snowy days have been making it hard for wildlife this year as so much of their regular food source was covered with snow, which made it difficult for bird and beast and the like to reach down into the snow far enough to find something to eat. Perhaps we can find a little corner of land that can be planned with life-saving grains and grasses, especially in areas that aren't that great for money making products.

There is much to be said about the individual who respects wildlife. They are the ones who have empathy for all mankind as well.

Not everyone speaks badly of the snow. One young man recently said, "Let it come." I thought he was talking about a snowmobile. He went on to say, "I haul snow and it gives me a living." Admittedly, the fingers are getting itchy to plant some seeds or some flowers. I don't think it is quite time to start them yet, unless one has a greenhouse or a green thumb at starting things inside. Although I do remember more than one winter when I looked out to see my yellow pansies blossoming in the snow. Like getting a pot of gold, always yellow ones, maybe they are just stronger.

If I could have a wish come true it would be to see the oak sanctuary, west of Ellendale, grow oodles and oodles of new little oak trees that could grow up to be big oak trees someday. It would really be fantastic for our children and our children’s children to be able to enjoy them as much as we did the original little forest.

I would wager we might see a lot of free-grown oak and walnut trees this year because the squirrels maybe had a hard time finding the places they hid their stock pile of nuts last fall. Unless the new little trees are up against a building or something, I will let them grow. Oak trees don't grow all that slow and they are pretty even if they are young. Sadly, there is a very pretty one growing right by the corner by my parent’s garage. They can't stand to cut it down. They know it’s too deep to dig out and as well know it can't stay there.

Our days keep ticking away. Easter is a little bit slower in arriving this year and won't get here until the 24th of April. I hope everyone will have a great spring!

Al Batt recently said it best when he used this quote from Bradley Miller, "Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar."

Some of our Star Eagle readers have commented that they like to read about the local happenings and family events such as family and school reunions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and birth and wedding announcements.

In order to read about these important things we need our faithful readers to pass along the information to us, so we can then pass along the news to you.  If you have news to share, please contact me.

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Birthdays and anniversaries this week:

• Thursday, April 7th: Bev Farr, Jayne Villarreal, Janice Jensen Skovera, Ron Christensen, Lou Hanson-Vu, Katie Lembke, Michael & Kari Ingvaldson, Gary & Sonya Peterson

• Friday, April 8th: Sarah Collins, Ivy Obermoller, Dick Tracy, Nick Vreeman, Tim Stollard, Mark Hemingway, Sherri Carlson, Karen O'Byrne, Bob Donovan, David Pitcock, Alice Grosland, Dale & Vivian Dulas, Paul & Karissa Dolan

• Saturday, April 9th: Becky Larson, Justin Tufte, June Lageson, Abby Paige Christopherson, Raianna Thomas, Jim Kaplan, Kiersten Knudson, Mike Nechanicky, Larry Sarver, Clarice McGrath, Tiffany Chrz

• Sunday, April 10th: Kimberly Luhring, Sara Bergerson, Sarah Skroch, Sophia Rose Christensen, Luke David Olson, Daniel Gould, Liz Reichl, Harold Pitcock, Arlen & Coleen Brekke, Lawrence & Dorothy Sprankle

• Monday, April 11th: Barb Marcus, Ruth Benson, Lori Dobberstein, Jacob Alan Reynolds, Dan Nelson, Darrin Thostenson, Theresa Bartsch, James Thompson, Jack & Barbara Wright

• Tuesday, April 12th: Tiegen Kay Richards, her 5th; Rory Ann Bickler, Guy Cromwell, Charise Oland, Cheryl Thompson, Deb Wilking, Allen & Betty Brandt, Roger & Reta Draayer

• Wednesday, April 13th: Victor Mrotz, Jamie Johnson, Andrea Casteron Malo, Ava Raye Chapman, her 3rd; David Clausen, Margie Nesdahl, Pat O'Conner, Jason Sullivan, Roxie Ritz Simmons, Megan Benson, Charlotte Miller, Curtis Klecker, Shannon & Jason Peterson, their 8th

• Thursday, April 14th: Anna Elizabeth Bailey, Tina Hagen, Jason Vogt, Rachel Oswald, Marcia Hemingway Jensen, David Jensen, Ron Huber, Butch & Gail Ottesen

• Friday, April 15th: Mason Robert Klemmensen, his 4th; Terry Jensen, Barry Troe, James Benson, Sarah Christine George, Cayla Conroy

It is your special day. Take a break and celebrate!

Surprise somebody. Call someone. Send a card and make their day. Little things mean a lot.

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