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The scurs smiled smugly about their use of Exlax in the Gremlin radiator. Cleaned the Weather Eye out big time. They’ve liked this recent weather so much they’re considering putting aground up copy of the ACA in it next. Someone told them it says if you like your weather, you can keep it. Starting Wednesday, cloudy with a modest chance of snow. Highs near 30 and lows in the upper teens. Partly sunny Thursday with highs in the upper 20’s and lows in the low 20’s. Friday, mostly cloudy. Highs in the mid-30’s and lows in the upper 20’s. Mostly cloudy Saturday with a slight chance for evening snow showers. Highs around the freezing mark with lows in the low 20’s. Sunday, cloudy with a modest chance for snow. Highs around 30 with lows in the low teens. Cloudy on Monday with highs in the upper 20’s and lows in the mid-teens. Tuesday, cloudy with a modest chance for snow. Highs in the upper 20’s with lows around 10. We’ll experience 9 ½ hours of daylight on the 23rd, the first time since November 19th. The normal high for January 25th is 23 and the normal low is 4. After a trip to Wisconsin, the scurs are thinking they may be able to heat their abode for the remainder of the season with all the foam cheese head hats they found in area dumpsters.

What a welcome change in the weather from the week before. A January thaw was just what the doctor ordered. To be on the safe side, I purchased a couple pair of new long johns at the store where you go to the bathroom in the big orange silo. I am betting it will remain warmer now for the rest of the winter. Short term forecasts are trending that direction and depending on whose longer term forecasts you read, some of those would tend to agree. At choretime Jupiter greets us in the western sky in the mornings and in the evening we’re treated to Venus getting a little higher in the sky each night. Even Mercury was visible beside it marking one of the few times one could actually pick it out.

Birds are responding to the recent changes in the weather also. The cardinals have vanished again now the snow has largely disappeared. Even the bane of the feeders at the ranch, namely the house sparrows have suddenly been decreasing in number. Perhaps it has something to do with the recent feeder changes that were made. They did figure the Roller Feeder out as I suspected they probably would. However, it’s certainly not their favorite as perhaps it takes too long to make a big mess underneath. Apparently they don’t like having to compete with the blue jays and larger woodpeckers on the other feeder either. The red-bellied woodpeckers don’t take any guff off of anyone including the blue jays. 

The horizontal suet feeders arrived last week so they were pressed into service. So far so good. The sparrows haven’t touched them and the starlings that showed up were having a tough time flying up to get a beak full. The woodpeckers were quick studies though, with the downies hanging upside down on the new feeders within minutes. One type of suet feeder we’re trying is made of metal so it makes it less attractive to the squirrels. A little tough for the larger woodpeckers to navigate although they got the hang of it after watching the downies. The squirrels on the other hand just sorta burp after filling up on ear corn, then climb farther up the tree where they can nap in the sun. Way too much work as fat as they are to put a lot of effort into messing with the other feeders.

Phone books arrived the other day and was shocked to see what they’ve become. They’re certainly a pale imitation of what they used to be. Mrs. Cheviot isn’t going to be able to sit on one of those to see over the steering wheel. In the Bugtussle phone book, there are now only 4 ½ pages of phone numbers listed. In 2007, there were 9 ½ pages of listings. Granted the font size is small, but it’s likely a sign of the times. Many have dumped their land lines and after some crummy and complete lack of service, there are certainly more of us considering it. Cell phones have certainly been a major factor and I fear the telemarketers will have all but sealed Ma Bell’s fate in the not too distant future.

Some have wondered what happened to the little fat buddies. Not to worry. They’re very much alive and well. While gathering more clandestinely and in an impromptu fashion, we still have our gang signs and secret decoder rings. And of course, there are the meetings themselves. Some have asked what’s accomplished at these discussions. Plenty. Always some old business to hash over and new business as well. This includes arranging humanitarian aid for friends who have become pale and downtrodden. We just try to help out in any way we can. And we discuss interior decorating; especially now that Christmas is on the wane. Betsy’s dad was excitedly looking forward to putting his newfound favorite Christmas ornament on the tree for next season. Clark, that's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. 

See you next week…real good then. 

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