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I’ve been living in Mankato for about two weeks now, and I just started my college classes Monday. I have to say, I love living here. I’ve never liked living in a small town, with its lack of people and things to do. But in Mankato, there are so many things to do. I live right by campus, which makes going to class pretty easy. I get along well with my two roommates (not including my boyfriend—obviously I get along well with him), although they’re not very good at keeping the place clean. Since campus is pretty much the center of everything for college students, I’m right in the middle of it. I can walk to Kwik Trip or University Square, and now that classes have started I can walk to the library or Student Union building and spend time there, if I want. I just really am enjoying living here, and so far, I know I made the right decision in doing so.

I’m taking four classes for my first semester: U.S. Government, Practical Grammar, Intro to U.S. Economy, and Intro to Information Systems. My schedule happened to work out so I don’t have any class on Fridays, which is really nice. I’ve only had two classes so far, but I’m already experiencing the freedoms of college life. It’s nice to not be stuck in the same building for eight hours a day, seeing the same people and teachers during those eight hours. I love being able to go home in between classes. And the best part about post-secondary is I don’t have to worry about the cost of college. Yes, I’m living on my own, but I don’t have any student loans or anything because I’m still in high school (technically), so everything is paid for, most importantly books and tuition.

And it helps that MSU is a good college with a nice campus. There are so many people, it’s incredible. Coming from a school where each class is roughly 70 people, attending a college with thousands of students can be a little overwhelming sometimes. It helps that I know a few other students who go here, so I can ask them if I don’t know where to go or what a class will be like. And I love the opportunity to meet new people. Living in Mankato is a taste of the “real world,” and I’m really enjoying it so far. My dad has been really helpful: buying me groceries and other necessities. I wouldn’t be able to do this without his support.  I’ve got a feeling I’m really going to like going to college. And parents, if you have children in high school or who will be in high school, I would definitely suggest looking into post-secondary (PSEO). It’s an amazing opportunity to get college and high school credit while still being enrolled at the high school. I’ll still be graduating with my class at NRHEG in May, but I’ll have a year of college done, as well. And best of all? I don’t have to pay for it!

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