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“You can’t hold hands when they make fists; and I ain’t the first to say this.” - Atmosphere

Lately on Facebook, I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage; I’m a fan of a page on there called “The Other 99%” which is quite helpful for me when it comes to social and political issues in our world today.

First and foremost, I need to express how ridiculous I think class warfare is. Is it really that difficult for people to live within their means? Hard work should pay off more than it already does.

I mean, think about it – discrimination, prejudice, sexism, racism: why do we let these obviously outdated social concepts go on, fighting any change or growth?

When times change, the rules change. In today’s society, strong, independent, intelligent women are considered “bossy.” We write off far too much based on what we think we know – in my humble opinion, I think it’s more than time we re-evaluate our morals and values.

I’ve seen way too many overqualified people never get the opportunity to prove themselves and live up to their potential. However, sometimes it’s too easy to forget that constant competition is not conducive to change or progress. If you read the “Looking Back” section of our paper, you already know I’ve taken over that role here at the Star Eagle. Reading old newspapers has given me a new respect for the craft – longtime New Richland residents should remember Margaret Engesser.

She’s been incredibly inspirational to me, as a writer. If you don’t recall, she and her husband ran the paper for several years. Even in her old age, Margaret wasn’t afraid to speak her mind; old copies of the New Richland Star are like hidden treasure troves. Margaret and her husband, to me, seem like the perfect match – they worked together to achieve a common goal, something everyone should practice in their daily lives.

No matter how old she got, Margaret stuck to her guns. Being afraid to speak your mind isn’t something a writer should do, and I’m grateful that I learned that lesson from her.

“Looking Back” is obviously my favorite part of my job here. Soon, I’m not going to be leaving my house very much, and it’s comforting to know that I’ll still be able to provide some use to the Star Eagle after that point.

If you do not read “Looking Back,” I would highly recommend it. There’s plenty of fascinating information there; if it doesn’t hold your interest, I honestly do not know what will.

Until next week; wishing everyone health and happiness during this beautiful season.

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