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Recently, I was in a pretty severe car accident, as some of you may know if you happen to have me as a friend on Facebook. Thankfully I’m O.K., just a little sore. 

My dad’s vehicle, unfortunately, isn’t. The insurance company declared it totaled, and if you’d like to see just how much damage I did, there are pictures on my Facebook page.

My dad asked me the day after it happened, “So, did you learn anything?” And as much as I hate to admit it, the accident was completely my fault, and I did learn a lot from it. I realized that the longer I’ve had my license, the more careless I got with my driving. That has changed, however. 

Jumping over a gravel road, flying in the air for 30 feet and running over a tree was not what I had planned on doing that Tuesday, and it was definitely the scariest moment of my life so far. Getting a speeding ticket last spring has caused me to drive the speed limit, and this accident has made me a much more careful driver. I guess sometimes learning the hard way is the only way to actually make a change, especially for young people like myself.

One of the biggest reasons I’m alive right now, though, is because I was wearing my seatbelt. There are people who refuse to wear them, and claim that they hurt more than help in accidents. 

I will always believe that wearing your seatbelt is the biggest way to ensure your safety when driving. If I hadn’t been wearing mine, I probably would’ve gone through the windshield; at the very least, I’d be in a lot worse shape than I am now.

I would like to thank all the people who’ve expressed concern on my behalf, as well. It’s good to know that people out there actually care about my wellbeing. 

That night my dad allowed me to go to a concert I was planning on attending with my boyfriend, Lucas, and some of our friends, and I’m so glad I went. 

I was never really a fan of Marilyn Manson or Rob Zombie, and their music isn’t exactly my style, but it was an amazing show. 

I’ve been to so many concerts I’ve lost count, and this one was by far the best I’ve seen. The artists went all out in making it entertaining for the crowd, instead of just playing their songs and being done. 

Manson performed in a different outfit for each song, and there were different props and such on the stage for each song, too. Zombie was amazing; he interacted with the crowd, had a ton of energy, and overall performed outstandingly. 

What still boggles my mind is why they chose to play in Mankato instead of the Twin Cities, but I’m glad they did.

What I’m most thankful for, though, is that I was still around to attend the concert. I must have someone watching over me, or I wouldn’t have made it out of that in the healthy condition I did. 

Until next time, readers; I’m working on making these a little more regular, so bear with me.

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