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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 09:07

It is now the magic time of year dear to any college basketball fan. It’s NCAA tourney time, otherwise known as March Madness. I can’t really see the connotation between March and madness. I would think the players and coaches get mad if they lose and get knocked out of the tournament. For the winners, one would think they would be happy, not mad. 

They have to be referring to the fans and how crazy some of them become. Maybe it’s the setting of cars on fire and other buffoonery which happens when fans take the celebrating a little too far after winning the national championship.

I haven’t really followed college hoops very close this year. I tried to watch the Gophers, but you really didn’t know which team was going to show up. They didn’t quite make the NCAA, but did manage to get into the NIT. The NIT is like being asked to play second fiddle, and since I don’t know how to play the fiddle, I guess I won’t play.

I heard on the news this past weekend how a soldier supposedly killed a bunch of Afghan civilians, including women and children. He returned to his base and turned himself in. The Afghan government is all in a tizzy, and wants heads to roll. The U.S. is being quite apologetic during the aftermath. They are still trying to patch things up from a recent Koran burning. Maybe someone should tell them it’s just a book for crying out loud.

Being prior military, I don’t normally criticize U.S. foreign policy, but this Afghanistan thing has spiraled out of control. Please, let’s get our troops out of there and allow the Afghanis to deal with their own problems. You would think we may have learned something when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. After a few years, they gave up and went home after losing a few thousand troops and spending a ton of money.

Let’s see…what else can I say about March to make me mad? I have sort of given up on this in like or out like a lion or lamb deal. Daylight Savings Time is another thing I just haven’t quite figured out. I managed to get all of my clocks changed about noon on Sunday. No sense procrastinating when you can just put it off.

This recent onset of nice weather has me itching to get out on the old golf course. Maybe some calamine lotion would solve the itching thing. I want to think it may be just a bit early to think about getting the garden started. I am seriously thinking about possibly planting a few tomatoes or some peppers. I will no doubt bother my esteemed colleague Mark Bernard with issues related to green thumbery. I have always said Mark is much smarter than he looks, and I am a lot dumber than I look.

It’s off to the Target Center for the Lady Panthers. I think over half of the school district will be at the game Wednesday evening. Ladies, win or lose, you have had a most wonderful season and it has probably given you and the community many great memories. This Casual Observer would love to see you bring home a state championship. Go Panthers and stay casual… 



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