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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 11:02

It’s been pretty frantic around the new house the past week or so. I still have boxes all over the place and really haven’t decided where I plan to put everything. Just trying to figure out the living room layout has been rather puzzling for this inferior decorator. I am not quite sure where to put my fish tank. I want to be sure of the location because even a 30-gallon tank can be a bit heavy once you put the water in it. After the tank is filled, and the water is stable, I will have to figure out what kind of critters to have as my new roommates. I may have to go over to the fish store and seek advice from someone who knows which fish get along with other fish.

Saturday, I ventured over to Owatonna to visit the store where people go to the bathroom in the big orange silo. I came home with a stepladder, something which may come in handy at the abode. Many thanks to my buddy Hank, who was nice enough to lend the use of his pickup and driving skills for the trip. 

I have started the task of changing the light bulbs over to the curly fluorescents. I like to refer to them as “Dairy Queen” bulbs because they somewhat resemble a DQ ice cream cone from days gone by.

Do the compact fluorescent bulbs really save on the electric bill? I have heard pros and cons on this issue, but I do know they seem to last quite a bit longer than the incandescent versions. The price on them has also come down so they are now affordable. I will do some energy monitoring and report back with results in a few months if in fact it is newsworthy.

Sleep has been hard to come by for yours truly the past few nights. I am not sure if I just don’t have a lot on my mind, or the new neighborhood is too quiet. Several people suggested I put a fan in the room; the noise will act as a sleep aid. The doc prescribed me some tiny pills to help the slumber, but I don’t really like using them. I even tried counting sheep, but it was rather dark and cold out in the pasture. After awhile, I could just tell the sheep didn’t want me around interrupting their sleep time either.

News reports sort of sound like they just about have the Vikings stadium thing figured out. Now, the Minneapolis City Council and the state legislature have to approve the deal. The supposed electronic pulltabs are a bit of a mystery as well. I would imagine they will save quite a bit of paper compared to the cardboard versions in place now. I wonder what impact the new pulltabs will have on the current statewide charitable gambling. The new stadium should create a bunch of jobs, something we can always use more of.

Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. I tend to agree with my esteemed colleague Mark Bernard as to the validity of changing the clocks. The country should just leave the clocks alone and concentrate on more pressing issues. If nothing else, spring ahead, and stay casual… 



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