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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:06

Folks have often asked me “Why would you want to come back to Minnesota after living in the good weather in California?” I respond with two words, and two words only: “The people.”

Let’s face it; I needed some help moving this past weekend. I put out the call for assistance and the response was overwhelming. People of all ages showed up Saturday morning right on time to lend a hand. I knew it was quite a bit to ask of someone to lug stuff down 24 stairs and have to come back up again. But lug they did, and I am proud to announce the penthouse was clear of all of the Casual Observer’s junk in an hour and 15 minutes.

I am honored to call the following folks my friends: Mike McNeil, Harold Klecker, Greg Spurr, Cory Kaupa, Nate Lutgens, Orville Bolduan, Carter Routh, Gary Palm, Dave Henkensiefken, John Kaupa, Jane Wagner, Maddie Wagner and Marnie Wagner. 

Kudos also go out to Nancy Jane’s Bakery and the fine pastries which fueled these aforementioned hard-working people.

To tell the truth, I have always hated moving. I had to move quite a few times when I was in the Navy. For some I had movers at government expense. Other times I was on my own. Whether it was across town or miles away, I never found much enjoyment in it. I gaze with wonder at men and women who work for moving companies. It’s just one occupation I don’t think I could do.

Now the fun begins at my new home. Just when I thought I had sorted out all the stuff I didn’t need before I moved, I see most of it followed me and showed up at my doorstep.

The clothes which don’t fit me anymore still beckon to be in my closet. A guy can only make so many trips to the thrift stores before a dumpster seems too inviting. I still have boxes I haven’t unpacked from six years ago when I first came to town!

If you have to move, I like to subscribe to the “three pile system.” You have one pile of stuff you know you are going to keep, another of stuff you know you are going to throw away, and the last of stuff you are not quite sure of. The object is to ensure the last pile is not larger than the first two; otherwise you may have to start over from scratch.

Pretty soon the weather will be nice enough for a garage sale and I can proudly say I can host one, because I now have a garage. It seems a wee strange to look outside for my car and wonder where it is, and then remember I put in the garage. It sure is a joy to open the door and not have to scrape the windows.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the move. I think this poem says it best:

“A poet once this sentence penned,

A man is rich who has a friend.

I read it and I thought how true,

He must have had a friend like you.” — Anonymous

Beware the Ides of March and stay casual…



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