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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:39

Did you hear about the gentleman in Sweden who was found alive in his snow-covered car after two months? Police say Peter Skyllberg, 44, is awake and able to communicate after he was rescued on a deserted forest road. Skyllberg somehow survived by eating snow since being stuck in his car Dec. 19.

Doctors are somewhat baffled by the Swede’s tale of survival. Experts feel his car served as a type of “igloo” which can keep the constant temperature around 32 degrees. He may have gone into a sort of hibernation like a bear does, where the lower body temperatures don’t use much energy. Two months is the “upper limit” a human being can survive without food, say the experts.

I had to do a double take to make sure I had heard the news correctly. I have been lamenting for months now on my inability to lose weight, but I don’t think this would be the way I would want to shed some excess poundage.

I must admit the guy had a lot more fortitude than I perhaps could muster. Going without beer alone for that long could be seen as cruel and unusual punishment. He’s really lucky to be from Sweden. If he was Norwegian, the first real food he is served could be lutefisk. (No offense meant to my dear friends of Norsk descent.)

This past Tuesday was “Fat Tuesday” for anyone who is a fan of Mardi Gras. I’m fat every day that ends in y, much less Tuesdays. If you ever have a chance, venture to Louisiana and take in the fun. Those folks know how to put on a party. You might think they talk funny, and they might think you talk funny, so everyone gets along just fine.

This coming Friday the New Richland Area Sportsmen are hosting a fish fry at the NR City Hall starting at 5 p.m. All the fish you can eat for only $10. Since the group was unable to have a fishing contest, they need your support to help raise funds. These fine ladies and gentlemen provide us with several outdoor opportunities for young and old alike. Hope to see you there!

Our Panther girls’ hoop team made it through the season without a loss. They are ranked No. 2 statewide in Class AA. Let’s hope they can keep their winning ways going during tournament play.

If the weather guessers are correct, we could be in for the most snow we have seen all winter long. The temperatures will remain high so the snow more than likely will be of the wetter variety, and hopefully melt quickly. Moisture is moisture, and I know we need it however we get it.

Hopefully, when I write next week’s Casual Observer, I will be somewhat closer to ground level in my new home. To be honest, I will miss the close proximity to work of the penthouse, but I won’t miss the 24-stair climbing every day. I will provide details of the moving adventure next week, Lord willing. Until then, stay casual…



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